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Beginning from the 01/01/2022, the following changes will take effect;

  • We will no longer ship to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.
  • Delivery days are changed to Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Frida and Saturday.
  • Delivery time is shifted from 9:30 am to 17:00pm.
  • Store pick up is no longer allowed. All orders must be shipped to the receiver’s address.

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As part of our commitment to safe and responsible consumption, you must be 19 years of age or older to enter this site. It is illegal for a person under 19 years of age to purchase or attempt to purchase cannabis; and it is illegal to purchase for minors. All sales are conditional on the purchaser and recipient being of legal age. For information about age restriction, please contact Us

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Cannabis users are often portrayed as unmotivated, lazy “stoners.” But research into why people use cannabis paints a different picture. It shows that most people use cannabis as a rational choice to enhance their quality of life.1-2

Cannabis affects people in different ways. It depends on the person, the situation, the type and quality of cannabis, and the method of use. Research shows most people who use cannabis use it moderately. Since cannabis has a low risk for physical addiction,3-5 most people are not compelled to continue to use it. Instead, people use cannabis when they perceive its effects are beneficial. People all over the world have used cannabis for thousands of years—for social, medical and spiritual reasons. Sometimes these reasons are distinct, but often they overlap. Terry G. Fordham- CEO & Founder


Products are either shipped directly from CBD Cart Store’s Distribution Centres in California(USA) or Caerphilly (UK). Products typically are delivered within 1 to 5 days, with some exceptions. Free shipping to orders above $99

Product Returns

  • All Cannabis Product returns can only be returned if unopened with the excise stamp still intact.
  • You will be refunded via the original payment method used for the purchase.
  • No returns will be offered on products ordered in error, or if customer decides they do not want the product.
  • All prices are final at the time of purchase.
  • Product sent in error can be returned to the the CBD Cart Store Distribution Centre. The expense of the return will be covered by CBD Cart Store.
  • CBD Cart Store reserves the right to refuse any request for a refund.

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Your inquiries, messages and feedbacks are always welcome. If you are writing to inquire about our products, please do well to mention the name of the products in order to facilitate our support. We typically respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.