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Island Sweet Skunk is a sativa marijuana strain made by crossing Sweet Pink Grapefruit with Skunk #1. This strain is often enjoyed for its energetic and uplifting effects. Island Sweet Skunk (sometimes known as Sweet Island Skunk) offers a sweet, skunky flavor with undertones of grapefruit.



BUY Island Sweet Skunk IN CANADA.  Island Sweet Skunk, sometimes called Sweet Island Skunk, is a sativa strain that users enjoy for its energetic effects. The flavor is most easily described as “sweet skunk,” where tropical fruit flavors take the lead. Often the fruity aroma is likened to grapefruit.

The Island Sweet Skunk from Next Generation Seeds is a classic. Much more pungent and thick smoking than your average Skunk, and alot better producing too. Perfect for sea of green growers. Don’t grow it with too many main tops indoors, likes to grow as a single cola but will branch a lot if topped. Outdoors in Southern California or Spanish coastal type climates they get huge and can yield many pounds per plant. It’s the ultimate in Sweet Sativa’s that produce big, really big,, with no compromise on quality.

The sweet, spicy taste of the ISS is amazing and very special. It fills your lungs and expands rapidly, tingling the sinuse and reddening the eyes. The high is intense and very sedating. Keep these buds in a smell proof place, its one of the strongest smelling and heaviest hitting strains in the Next Generation arsenal. A pleasure to grow and smoke.  BUY Island Sweet Skunk IN CANADA

Dominant Strain: Sativa-dominant at 80% Sativa / 20% Indica.

Brief History: Island Sweet Skunk Cannabis Strain originated from British Columbia, Canada, specifically on Vancouver Island where it has been grown and cultivated for decades. It was originally created by Federation Seeds.

This particular strain was created when a Vietnam veteran brought a popular 1970s strain called Sweet Skunk to Federation Seeds. Federation Seeds then bred the evenly-balanced Sweet Skunk (50% Sativa / 50% Indica) with an unknown Sativa strain. Their offspring is what we now know as the Island Sweet Skunk.

Popular in the cannabis world, Island Sweet Skunk was included in the 2013 High Times List of Top 10 Canadian Strains of All Time.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile: Island Sweet Skunk has a THC level that ranges between 16% and 25%. Its CBD level is low at 0.01% to 0.1%, CBN at 0.0% to 0.09%, CBG at 0.4% to 1.1%, THCV at 0.05% to 0.2%, CBC at 0% to 0.1%, and CBL at 0% to 0.4%.

Terpene profile of Island Sweet Skunk includes linalool, myrcene, as well as caryophyllene. It also has pinene and limonene.

Flavors/Aroma: Island Sweet Skunk definitely gives your senses of smell and taste a treat. The bold skunky aroma is balanced by its sweet fruity scent suggestive of grapefruit. It is also a smorgasbord of flavors. You get a skunky yet sweet and citrusy taste with hints of tropical fruits and grapefruit.

Effects: A Sativa-dominant hybrid, Island Sweet Skunk immediately gives you a massive euphoric effect that will leave you feeling uplifted and energetic. It will also give your mood a big boost so you feel happier and more relaxed at the same time.

Soon after that perky and bubbly start, its relaxing effects will kick in. You will feel a soft and relaxing wave course through your body. This leaves your mind completely calm and your body totally relaxed.

In addition to these effects, Island Sweet Skunk also gives your creativity and productivity a boost. You will find this strain a great help when you’re feeling bleary and distracted.

Medical Conditions: Island Sweet Skunk is perfect for daytime use. You will surely appreciate the kick-start it gives your energy and mood. It will also be a great help if you’re finding it hard to focus, especially if you’re creative juices are running dry. These effects can greatly benefit individuals diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, anxiety disorder, depression, and mood disorders. It can stabilize their mood and, at the same time, improve their focus and creativity.

Island Sweet Skunk is also a good choice for those who have debilitating chronic pain. It has potent analgesic properties that can relieve pain. In addition to this, the cannabinoids found in Island Sweet Skunk also has powerful anti-inflammatory effects. By controlling inflammation, pain is also reduced. These effects make Island Sweet Skunk a good choice for patients with gastrointestinal problems, migraines, headaches, chronic fatigue, and nerve pain.

Individuals with poor appetite, nausea, and vomiting may also benefit from Island Sweet Skunk. Not only can it increase appetite, but it can also reduce nausea and vomiting.

Where to Buy: You can order Island Sweet Skunk online from, a trusted online weed provider. The company is based in Canada, but they also ship premium-grade buds and other cannabis products internationally.


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